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1 Day Non Resident License$20.26  (2024)

2 Day Non Resident License $31.06  (2024)
10 Day Non Resident License$61.82  (2024)

Annual Fishing license$166.89  (2024)
Lobster Card $11.62


1 Day License$20.26  (2024)

2 Day License. $31.06  (2024)
Annual Fishing license$61.82  (2024)
Lobster Card $11.62  (2024)

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- What Fishing License Do I Need -




The type of fishing license you will need depends on the the area you will be fishing. All persons 16 or over fishing in California waters will need a California Fishing License. All necessary licenses are available to purchase at online, any local fishing & tackle stores, Wallmart, and  Big 5. We have a San Diego Fishing tackle store which is a two minute walk from the boat. 


The Cost of CA Fishing Licenses 2024:

All Annual Licenses expire on December 31st each year. You can purchase your California Fishing license in advance through this LINK.  For complete California Fish & Game Regulations: CA Department Fish & Game Website








Everyone fishing in Mexican waters needs a Mexican Fishing Permit. If fishing or whale watching within 12 miles of the coast or offshore islands, Mexican Visa (FMM) is also required. Examples of the types of trips that require an FMM include Coronado Islands and Winter Coastal Rock fish. The AWOL booking section of the website and/or AWOL staff will notify you when you inquire about a reservation whether an FMM is required on your trip. Awol will purchase the permit and (FMM) if required on your behalf and inclusive of the trip price. The process for issuing an FMM requires that the applicant has a valid International or U.S. Passport Book or US Passport Card.



While many of our trips fish in Mexican waters, a passport is NOT REQUIRED unless we are fishing near the Mexican coast or near any of their offshore islands. During the summer months, most of our trips are scheduled to fish OFFSHORE (well outside of 12 miles) where a passport is NOT required. If a trip is operating within 12 miles of the Mexican coast of any of their islands, a Mexican Tourist Visa (FMM) and Passport are required on the trip you have chosen.  

Personal documentation requirements have become standard for both domestic and international travel. While the vast majority of our trips do not require a Passport, AWOL recommends that for the most flexibility and whenever practical our customers obtain a valid U.S. Passport Card or Passport Book.

For Mexican Fishing Regulations: Mexico’s Dept of Fisheries Website

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